Veterans Organization Helping Vets Get Cannabis

Veterans Organization Helping Vets Get Cannabis

There have been many stories in the news over the last few years about U.S. veterans using marijuana to help alleviate the symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and other ailments. Yet access to medical marijuana for veterans is hard to come by and the federal government has been no help.

But one organization is doing everything they can to make sure our veterans have access to the amazing abilities of the cannabis plant, “Grow for Vets California.”

“Since our founding in Colorado in January 2014, our Grow for Vets chapters have given away over three quarters of a million dollars worth of cannabis to military Veterans from across America,” it says on their website. “Our mission to provide Vets with a safe alternative to deadly prescription medication won’t be stopped! We won’t be satisfied until every American hero who wants to try cannabis, can access it safely — and for free. The way we see it, providing a small gift of nature’s most amazing plant is the least we can do for the bravest among us.”

A lot of people play lip service to the notion of “taking care of our vets.” But Grow for Vets is actually doing something about it. According to the website for the national organization, Grow for Vets has supplied over 30,000 veterans with free medical cannabis. As laws relax around the country that number is sure to grow, but they need your help. You can donate money, cannabis, growing supplies or even your time.

There are a lot of veterans in need, and the federal government has shown time and time again that they are not interested in helping. This means that it’s time for those who say our veterans deserve the best care to step up and do something about it.