What’s Wrong With Studying Marijuana?

What’s Wrong With Studying Marijuana?

There are varying opinions within the United States on whether or not cannabis should be legal. Some believe it should not be legal, should think it should be, and many people believe in different levels of legality. For example, some people think it should be legal for medical reasons, but not recreational reasons.

Then there is a small group of people who think we should burn all the marijuana in the world to the ground, destroy all the seeds and never speak of it again. Does that seem like an exaggeration? Then how else would you explain the mindset of people who don’t even want studies done on what cannabis is capable of?

A bipartisan group of U.S. House members recently suggested creating a new category within the federal Controlled Substances Act, something called Schedule 1-R, that would allow research into the efficacy of cannabis on several medical ailments. Proponents and opponents of legalization came together to sponsor the amendment, and it was a big deal for a few minutes.

But House Republicans were having none of that crazy talk about conducting studies on a plant that might hold the key to helping people with debilitating ailments, killing the amendment last week, soon after it was proposed.

So what’s the problem? Is the GOP House leadership simply pandering to the conservative base? Or does the problem run deeper?

Could it be that the big pharmaceutical companies don’t want research done because they know what will be found? Could it be possible that they send out their paid lackeys in Congress to block any efforts to encroach on their pill empires?

Even Rep. Andy Harris (R-MD), the man who blocked legalization from going forward in Washington D.C., was a sponsor of the amendment that would have made cannabis easier to research. Misguided as he is, he is willing to allow more research into cannabis.

Maybe his check didn’t clear.

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