Woman in Alaska Offers Free Marijuana to Addicts Who Destroy Their Spice

Woman in Alaska Offers Free Marijuana to Addicts Who Destroy Their Spice

(Photo: TechKnow/Al Jazeera America)

A woman in Anchorage, Alaska, is taking a novel approach to what she sees as an epidemic of “Spice” addicts in her city. “Spice” is one of the variants of so-called “synthetic marijuana,” which is really just a man-made concoction of chemicals people smoke for a dangerous and possibly deadly high.

Nicole Crites says she sees the addicts on the streets of Anchorage every day and decided to do something about it: give them free cannabis when they destroyed their spice. Nicole says she will give 2 grams of marijuana for every gram of spice she sees an addict destroy. Crites is married to a local medical marijuana delivery shop owner who is sponsoring the giveaway.

As you can imagine, local law enforcement has a problem with Nicole’s program, even though cannabis possession is now legal in Alaska. While the Anchorage Municipal Attorney’s office said what Nicole was doing was “potentially legal,” the police department took a harsher stance.

“The Anchorage Police Department’s primary concern is the health and safety of our citizens and we do not believe trading marijuana for spice is the solution to the spice epidemic in our community. We also want residents to consider the potential legality issues with trading marijuana for something of value and being in possession of spice,” the APD wrote in statement.

Nicole’s plan is to never be in possession of the spice and to give the marijuana away, keeping things in the legal ballpark. As for what would be the solution to the spice epidemic, the APD has no idea; if they did, there wouldn’t be an epidemic.

Nicole Crites’ idea — or some variation of it — is really something that could take hold in legal states across the country. Unless, of course, law enforcement has a better idea?