Dallas to Adopt Catch and Release Program for Pot Offenders in 2015

Dallas, Tx To Adopt Catch And Release Program For Pot Offenders In 2015

As of right now, if you get caught with a joint in Dallas County, you will quickly find yourself wearing a pair of matching bracelets in a squad car on your way to the pokey. If all goes as planned, this coming January if you get caught with a joint in Dallas County, you may just get out somewhat unscathed, except for a ticket and a stern admonition to show up to court when expected.

The Dallas Morning News recently reported that Dallas County is going to initiate a cite and release program in early 2015, allowing for those caught with less than two ounces of marijuana to walk away with just a ticket and a court date, instead of a trip to the big house.

Now before we all start giving Dallas County a big pat on the back and a job well done, let's acknowledge that this is probably one of the weakest attempts at drug reform by any state or county to date. I would not expect any less from the great state of Texas. My money is still on them being one of if not the last state to have any form of cannabis decriminalization or legalization. Even in 2015 those caught with the herb will face a $2000 fine and up to 180 days in jail, the difference being Dallas County will not be out the $63 it takes to house a prisoner for a day, and cops will not have to waste time taking pot offenders back and forth to jail. This should give Dallas law enforcement plenty of time to deal with all the "legal" synthetic drug issues now, because pot is way worse than that stuff...