DEA Compares Marijuana Grow Operations to Meth Houses

DEA Compares Marijuana Grow Operations to Meth Houses

A new report from the Drug Enforcement Administration about marijuana growing operations in Colorado is entitled "Residential Marijuana Grows in Colorado: The New Meth Houses?"

The basic premise of the report is that growers in Colorado are using loopholes in the state’s recreational and medical marijuana laws to create massive grows in suburban homes that suck up electricity and often leave the houses “uninhabitable” because of alterations the growers perform on the house.

Contained in the report are also the usual shout outs for neighbor complaining and legally grown weed being redirected to the black market in other states.

While it’s easy to pick apart the DEA’s claims, it’s hard to blame them for making the claims. The DEA is fighting for its very survival as a government bureaucracy. The powers that be know that they can’t justify massive budgets based on hard drug use alone. The DEA needs marijuana to remain a “problem” that needs to be remedied.

And what better way to convince people that something is a problem than good old fashioned fear-mongering? Attempt to make a connection in people’s minds between legal marijuana and illegal and dangerous meth.

The problem for the DEA is that this is not the year 1985, when such a message might have resonated. Before the Internet and before most people knew just how not-dangerous cannabis is. It’s 2016 and most people consider a comparison between marijuana and meth some sort of joke.

People laugh at jokes and when people are laughing, they are not afraid. And without fear to help sell cannabis prohibition, what else does the DEA have?

Nothing. They have nothing. That’s why the DEA is so scared.