Don't Sell Weed on Craigslist: A Cautionary Tale

Don't Sell Weed on Craigslist: A Cautionary Tale

While all of us wish that marijuana was completely legal everywhere in the United States, the truth is right now it’s not. With that being said, we do not encourage or condone anyone doing anything stupid or breaking the law. We will, however, make fun of you endlessly if you do.

Two men in Austin, Texas, (where recreational marijuana is still illegal) are sitting in a jail cell right now because they tried to sell marijuana on Craigslist. Police in Austin were searching for popular terms used to sell narcotics electronically (people do this?!) and came across this post:

Bitch, are you high?! If you’re going to electronically sell something illegal in a public forum, take a lesson from the people who sell “roses” and use some discretion.

The officers e-mailed the author of the post and asked for pricing. The seller responded saying that his roommate was actually in charge of cost.

The officers agreed to buy an ounce of weed and a quarter of hash for $800. The undercover officers then met up with the two boys, who were promptly arrested on scene.