Edible Marijuana Party in Hot Water with City

Edible Marijuana Party in Hot Water with City

San Francisco’s Get Baked! Sale in June was the ultimate marriage of cannabis and food cultures, as attendees were treated to eight hours of sampling some of California’s most delectable marijuana edibles found in dispensaries.

The event was so successful to the point of earning national coverage as well as a follow-up event scheduled for next month. But now San Francisco Health Department officials have stepped in and told event planners to either cancel the event or face the risk of getting their edibles taken away, reports SF Evergreen.

In an email sent to the city’s dispensaries, SF Health Department official Larry Kessler threatened any collectives present at the event that they will no longer be allowed to carry products sold at the Baked Sale in their own medical cannabis dispensaries.

Kessler’s e-mail states:

“As a reminder, permitted MCDs may only dispense medical cannabis to its members at their permitted location, or as delivery to their home or workplace.

Attached you will find a current list taken from the above-referenced website about “vendors” who, according to the event sponsor, will be signing up their own collective membership at this event and distribute to them directly. As they are now apparently establishing their own collectives, you will no longer be allowed to carry these products in your permitted mcd, as medical cannabis cannot go from one collective to another.

DPH will be attending this event, and will provide a list of those products that will no longer be allowed in SF mcds. If you wish to still carry that product, the affected group will need to obtain their own mcd permit from DPH for your address.”

Organizers are now looking to move the event outside of San Francisco, such as Daly City’s Cow Palace, where the HempCon and High Times Cannabis Cup have both held cannabis-friendly events.

Story by Oscar Pascual at Smell The Truth. Be sure to check out Smell The Truth for all the latest and greatest cannabis news.