Fifty Pounds of Weed Gets Shipped to the Wrong Address

New Jersey Police Find 50-lb. Package of Weed, Taunt Intended Recipient on Facebook

When a large, unexpected package arrived at a New Jersey family’s home where the addressed recipient did not live, the residents called the police. When Hazlet Police arrived and opened the package in search of a packing list or receipt that could help them locate the intended recipient, they found 50 pounds of vacuum-sealed marijuana.

Now, we’re all familiar with the whole “it got lost in the mail” shtick, but I really wouldn’t want to be the person who misaddressed $100,000 worth of weed to an unsuspecting suburban family so law abiding they wouldn’t even open another person’s mail.

Hazlet Police got cheeky on their Facebook page, inviting the owner of the wrongly delivered package to come collect their property.

“If you were expecting these packages and would like to claim them, please come to Police Headquarters,” the post reads. “In the meantime our detectives will be working with County, State, and Federal Law Enforcement agencies to locate the owner of this property.”

Now I doubt the USPS would go to so much trouble.