Instagram Selfies Lead to New Jersey Marijuana Arrest

Instagram Selfies Lead to New Jersey Marijuana Arrest

Watch what you put on Instagram, ladies and gents — especially if you live in a state where marijuana is unfortunately still illegal. Connor Kennedy of Sicklerville, New Jersey, learned this lesson the hard way.

Kennedy, 20, was arrested in his hometown for allegedly growing marijuana inside an abandoned building. The first clue that tipped authorities off to the illegal operation was the seven plants that several witnesses reported seeing on the back rear deck of the uninhabited home.

Second, and more importantly, was Kennedy’s Instagram selfies with the plants. These lead to a police surveillance of the home where the observed Kennedy tending to his garden. With the evidence mounting up against him, Kennedy was promptly arrested.

Connor, we think that there are a few things you can take away from this one, at least until marijuana is legal in your state. First, if you’re going to grow weed plants that you plan on personally caring for, maybe you grow them where you can’t be easily seen. Secondly, not everything belongs on Instagram. The 30 likes you got from those posts aren’t worth the trouble, bro. We promise.