Kansas Vet Loses Custody of His Children Because Family Member Disliked His Use of MMJ

State of Kansas Steals Children

Well folks, I hope you have enjoyed a clean slate with a new year — lazily imagining the limitless possibilities that 2016 has to offer in your post celebration hangover — because while we have yet to have a mass shooting, there is a another story to chill your heart: the Kansas Department of Children and Families (DCF), which administers the Adoption Program, Food Assistance, and Child Protective Services, among others, has the propensity to steal children. 

According to KAKE News (mmmm, cake), dozens of parents are filing a class action lawsuit against the state for removing kids from homes without cause and then placing them in abusive foster care. Apparently, the DCF is wont to take kids and put them in protective custody on the recommendation from mentally unstable relatives without any follow up or corroboration on the accusations. 

After a child has been taken from its home, parents are forced to take a number of classes — parenting, anger management, domestic violence, and drug and alcohol treatment — to get them back, only to find out the community center working for the DCF has "changed their mind" about goals upon completing all of the requirements. 

We all know by now that widespread decriminalization of marijuana is as much a legal and criminal issue as it is a patient rights issue. Compassion is necessary in order to allow patients the medicine they need

So, when a father — a veteran suffering from PTSD and chronic pain while working for veteran affairs (a little ironic, right?) — needs to relocate from Kansas to Colorado in order to have access to the cannabis he needs, it is absolutely unnerving that corrupt state officials can act on the unsubstantiated claims made by "family." That is exactly what happened to Raymond Scwab and his wife Amy while they were packing up to move. His relatives did not like that he sought medical marijuana as therapy and the DCF held a hearing without the parents' knowledge.

Now, the only way to win back their children is in court. If you have anything to give, please read the rest of their story and consider donating to their GoFundMe campaign.

I am fucking sick. Cheers to 2016, y'all.