Kentucky Meteorologist Busted for Growing 7 Marijuana Plants

Kentucky Meteorologist Busted for Growing 7 Marijuana Plants

A local TV meteorologist in Kentucky has been arrested and charged, along with her husband, for growing seven marijuana plants in their home, in addition to charges relating to drug paraphernalia and firearms.

Tori Shaw Smoyer and her husband Tyler were arrested last week after someone set off an investigation by sending a tip to the Kentucky State Police’s Text-A-Tip program. Along with the cannabis plants, authorities found several guns including rifles and pistols, and a “tactical vest” and equipment needed for growing marijuana plants.

The Smoyers were released on bond and a new Facebook group has sprouted up around an effort to make sure the Smoyers aren’t punished for doing something that did not infringe on the rights of anyone else. The group is currently approaching 3,000 members. According to the page a GoFundMe has been set up for the Smoyers, presumably to help with their legal expenses, which are sure to be immense.

I wonder if anyone in Kentucky feels safer now that a weather person and seven marijuana plants are off the streets? And who can forget about the eight guns? Considering there are probably a million-plus guns in the state of Kentucky alone, it’s hard to see where it will make a difference in anyone’s lives.

The Smoyers are due in court next month, and it’s hard to see how they will be able to get out of the charges. The plants and guns were found in their home, and growing cannabis is certainly illegal in the state of Kentucky.

Another pertinent question is what crimes went unsolved while the Kentucky State Police were investigating this meteorologist and her husband for growing weed? How many criminals escaped the net of prosecution; real criminals, violent criminals who actually infringed on the rights of another person?

Sadly, we will never know.