Man Arrested for Marijuana in Arizona Didn’t Realize it is Still Illegal

Man Arrested for Marijuana in Arizona Didn’t Realize it is Still Illegal

A man named Lon Victor Post was sitting in his car early one recent morning in Mohave County, Arizona, listening to some tunes and smoking some marijuana. Police rolled up on Post after receiving reports of an intoxicated man playing loud music in his car.

Police asked Post to turn down his music, which he did. After smelling marijuana and noticing a bag in Post’s shirt pocket, police asked him to remove it and tell them what was in it. He informed the police that there was marijuana in the bag, but that he didn’t have a medical marijuana card.

When police tried to arrest Post for marijuana possession, he allegedly resisted to the point of one of the officers finding it necessary to tase him. After calming down, Post asked why he was being arrested.

“The deputy advised Post that in Arizona, marijuana is illegal without a prescription and medical marijuana card,” according to the arrest report. This was a fact Post was seemingly unaware of, thinking voters in Arizona had recently voted in favor of adult use marijuana legalization.

Last November voters in Arizona did decide on legalization, but Proposition 205 went down to defeat with 52% voting against it. But even if Prop. 205 had passed, smoking marijuana in public would still have been illegal.

Maybe Mr. Post was uninformed or maybe he misunderstood; or maybe the marijuana he gets on the black market is really good. In any case, something tells me that Mr. Post isn’t the kind of guy who would refrain from smoking weed and blasting music in his car at 1:30am, even if he knew it was illegal.