Marijuana Activist Sues Kansas Over the Removal of Her Son

Marijuana Activist Sues Kansas Over the Removal of Her Son

Cannabis activist Shona Banda is suing the state of Kansas in federal court over their removal of her son from her home after he told school officials about Shona’s marijuana use.

Shona knows the amazing abilities of the cannabis plant firsthand and is not shy about spreading the truth she has learned. Last year her son was in school, sitting through a drug “education” program and hearing the usual propaganda about cannabis. It seems he interjected with some of the things his mother had taught him, which lead to her cannabis use, which lead to officials taking him from Shona’s home after a search turned up a substantial amount of marijuana.

The lawsuit filed on Shona’s behalf claims the state of Kansas is infringing on her civil liberties and that her son was improperly questioned without her permission.

No matter what the future holds for Shona and her son, what we see here is a woman who uses medical cannabis in order to function and be a better parent being punished for being a better parent by having her child taken away. If Shona had chosen dangerous and addictive prescription pills to treat her Crohn’s Disease, her son would be living with her today. What does that say about our justice system?

Shona’s struggle with the state is likely to go on for quite some time. A woman who has harmed no one is being made to suffer because she made a safer choice when it came to her medicine, a choice that is made by millions of people in the U.S. every day.

A choice that will someday be legal. Just not today; not in Kansas.

If you want to donate to Shona, you can do so here.