MMA Champion Flees Scene of Accident, Leaves His Pot Behind

Pro MMA Fighter Flees Scene of Accident, Leaves his Pot Behind

Marijuana and other paraphernalia were found in the rental car of current UFC light heavyweight champion Jon 'Bones' Jones after he fled the scene of a three-car pileup he caused in Albuquerque, NM, at 11:22 a.m. Sunday morning.

Jones allegedly ran a red light, hitting a car with a pregnant woman driving it. He reportedly hit the car on the driver’s side, forcing it into the front end of another car that was stopped at a red light on the street Jones was initially traveling.

However, Jones forgot something. According to the police report, the pregnant woman involved in the accident claims Jones (“driver 3” in the report) ran a red light, running his car into the driver's side of her Honda. Witnesses and both drivers state Jones, wearing a white button-up shirt and dark pants, exited his vehicle and ran toward a hill just east of the accident. Witnesses stated he slouched over and ran back to the vehicle, grabbing a large handful of cash, before shoving the money into his pants. He then ran north and jumped a nearby fence.

According to the report issued by Officer Benavidez, officer Bronez (the other officer dispatched to the scene) conducted a search of the silver Buick SUV.

“Officer Bronez found a marijuana pipe with marijuana inside of it and tagged it into evidence. (Officer Benavidez, who submitted the accident report) located paperwork belonging to a Jonathan Jones, which had MMA information on it from the State of Nevada. I was able to locate a phone number for Jon Jones and placed several phone calls with no success. I left a message for Jon Jones to call dispatch, but never received one,” the report continued.

The bad news for Jones just keeps stacking up, as even an off-duty officer was on scene to witness the accident and identify the champion. The police department made several attempts to contact Jones personally and via his lawyer, and also issued a public statement on the City of Albuquerque’s website on Sunday requesting that Jones contact the department.  As of Monday mid-morning, neither Jones nor his representatives had been in contact with the police department.

Dana White and the powers that be at the UFC seem none too happy with their star fighter.

“We are aware that the Albuquerque Police Department is interested in speaking to Jon Jones regarding his possible involvement in a motor vehicle accident,” UFC officials said late Sunday. “We are in the process of gathering facts and will reserve further comment until more information is available.”

This is not Jones’s first rodeo. In 2012, he was arrested for DUI after he drove his Bentley into a pole in Binghamton, NY. He also spent 24 hours in a rehabilitation facility earlier this year following a failed drug test.

Jones is currently scheduled to face Anthony Johnson in the UFC 187 main event on May 23 in Las Vegas. UFC officials have yet to indicate whether or not they are considering pulling him from the fight.