Oregon Gov. Brown Signs Landmark Marijuana Reform Bills

Oregon Governor Signs Landmark Marijuana Reform Bills


Oregon is a pioneer state when it comes to recreational cannabis legalization, and now it seems as though they are wrapping up loose ends from legalization with several different House and Senate bills.

Governor Kate Brown recently signed two marijuana-related bills that were approved by the House and Senate. The first was House Bill 4014, which removed a restriction on obtaining licensing required to produce, distribute, process or sell cannabis products. This House Bill removes the two-year residency requirement that was previously in place. The bill also reduces the fee for veterans required to obtain a medical marijuana card annually from $200 to only $20.

Governor Brown also signed Senate Bill 1589, which included several different things. This Senate bill recognizes marijuana grows for medical patients and research purposes as being farm crops. This exempts the cultivators of these crops from complaints such as noise and odor. This bill also includes an amendment that excludes home medical marijuana grows from being inspected by the Oregon Health Authority. Last but not least, this bill makes the process and cost of becoming a licensed recreational cultivator easier for smaller entities.

There are two more bills currently awaiting the Governor’s signature that will address banking in the cannabis industry as well as the testing and distribution of edibles and extracts in the state. Rock on, Oregon! Keep up the good work!