Police Find Body Stuffed in Refrigerator & Illegal Grow in Southern CA

Police Find Body Stuffed in Refrigerator & Illegal Grow in Southern CA

Los Angeles police found the days-old body of a man stuffed into an unplugged refrigerator in a Southern California backyard Sunday morning, along with an illegal marijuana grow housing over 100 plants.

LAPD spokesperson Lt. Doug Humphrey said they received a call at 5:30 a.m. Sunday morning about a body on Runnymede Street in Sun Valley, CA. Officers arrived at the scene and forced their way into the house and backyard, where they found the body of a 30-year-old man stuffed inside the out-of-use appliance.

“That’s kind of freaky,” next-door-neighbor Mickie Lambert told reporters after the body (and refrigerator) had been wheeled out of the yard by the coroner. “I smelled something yesterday.”

The homeowners – a man and a woman yet to be named by authorities – moved into the quiet neighborhood a few months ago, and aside from the Bentley and Jaguar parked in the driveway, neighbors saw no clues or evidence of an illegal grow, let alone the looming possibility of such a horrid death.

“I heard an argument, I guess it was Friday night, but I didn’t really think anything of it,” Lambert said. “I didn’t realize it was a grow house.”

After finding the body, police searched the house and found the grow operation in the garage. Allegedly more than 100 plants and an assortment of grow equipment including lamps and hydraulics were seized.

Though the authorities have not confirmed that the death was related to the grow, it stands to reason we have witnessed another unnecessary casualty of the deadly War on Drugs.

“They seemed nice enough,” Lambert told reporters. “I would just say hello.”