Police Officers Charged with Theft, Vandalism in CA Dispensary Raid

Police Officers Charged with Petty Theft in Santa Ana, CA Dispensary Raid

Remember the asshole cops who raided a medical marijuana dispensary in Santa Ana, California, last year, destroying cameras, eating edibles and making fun of a blind woman who was missing a leg? Three of them have been charged with petty theft, and one is facing the additional charge of vandalism for breaking the cameras.

But as we all know now, not all of the cameras were disabled. Only when video surfaced of the officers’ misdeeds did the public learn of what happened during the raid on Sky High Holistic. Lawyers for the officers tried to keep the video out of the official investigation, but to no avail.

Not only can Officer Brandon Matthew Sontag be seen on the video destroying cameras, but he and his fellow defendants, Officer Jorge Arroyo and Officer Nicole Lynn Quijas, can be seen partaking of the edibles and sharing them with other officers. Police were also seen on the tape apparently joking about a blind amputee woman and kicking her “in her f***ing nub.”

If convicted the officers face fines and between 6 and 18 months in jail (Sontag is facing the 18 months due to the vandalism charge). Right now all three are on paid administrative leave from the Santa Ana Police Department.

In the public relations department, this isn’t exactly a good time for cops. Uncaring morons like the three officers in this case make all cops look bad. In a time of declining trust, every instance like this further erodes what trust is left in law enforcement.

These are the people we as a society have given extra power, power to enforce the myriad of laws the government forces on us. If some cannot be trusted, the entire system begins to break down.