Retirees Caught Smuggling Cannabis in Frozen Chickens after Neighbors Complain of "Rotting Flesh" Smell

Two English Retirees Found Smuggling Cannabis in Frozen Chickens after Neighbors Complain of "Rotting Flesh" Smell

Former police officer Michael Kinkaid, 72, and retired meat dealer Anthony Right, 76, were convicted Friday in Essex, England, for possessing cannabis with intent to sell after their £267,000 supply was discovered when neighbors called police, complaining of the smell of “rotting flesh.” When police arrived, they (thankfully) found no human corpses, but instead 89 blocks of cannabis resin covered in rotting chicken detritus.

Kincaid and Right had stuffed the blocks into frozen chicken carcasses to smuggle in into England from Spain, taking a page out of Walter White’s book, who used chickens to import drugs on the popular show Breaking Bad.

Detective Constable Bob Evans of Essex Police said, “These men were caught because they failed to clean the sealed packs of cannabis resin after they were separated from the frozen chickens. The packs of cannabis resin were then hidden under polythene sheeting.

“As the smell became worse, other businesses in the area became concerned and reported an odor of what was described as rotting flesh coming from the unit. Attending officers confirmed that the smell coming from the unit was ‘dreadful’ and entry was forced to the unit due to a concern for life.

“The resin was contained within heat-sealed packages and appeared to be covered in a blood-like detritus.”


While it seems these two geniuses were successful in smuggling the 89 blocks of resin into the country within the frozen chickens, it never occurred to them to rinse off the packages.

Court recorder Jeffrey Yearwood said, “The offenses for which each of you have been convicted are particularly serious. Serious not only because of the nature of the drug involved and the quantity involved, but for the impact that it had on the public who used those drugs and the possible damage to their health.”

While I don’t think the “nature of the drug involved” is “serious” at all, selling cannabis covered in rotting chicken meat and blood is just plain disgusting. And dangerous. But mostly disgusting.

Both men were sentenced to seven years in prison. 

The resin covered in rotting chicken.

Retired meat dealer Anthony Wright.

Former Police Officer Michael Kinkaid.