Secret Marijuana Stash Spot Discovered in Teacher's Car

Secret Marijuana Stash Spot Discovered in Teachers Car

It is common knowledge that these days that teachers don't get paid very much. Those who teach do it for the love, the ability to help shape young minds, or maybe for the simple appreciation of summer vacation. Many supplement their income with a second or even a third job. (I have some personal experience with this; my longtime girlfriend works as a teacher full time and also moonlights as a luxury box attendant at the local sports arena.)

Todd J. Eckel, 42, a well-respected junior high teacher and coach, chose to spend his spare time trying to make an extra buck as well. The problem is that he didn't land a night job as a security guard, a work-from-home sales gig, or even a coveted driving position for UBER. No, Mr. Eckel chose to supplement his income by selling marijuana around the town of Rossford, Ohio.

Things fell apart for Eckel on Monday when he was witnessed conducting his side-business by an area business owner. Rossford police soon found a vehicle that closely matched the description given by the witness. A K-9 unit was called and immediately alerted to officers to drugs in the vehicle. They soon found four containers of marijuana concealed within a secret hiding spot in the vehicle’s bumper.

Eckel was charged with a felony because the drugs were on school grounds and because the packaging implied intent to sell. Eckel told officers he was unaware of the marijuana found on his vehicle. Several phone calls in recent weeks have made unspecified allegations that a school district employee was selling drugs to students. Eckel has yet to be linked to these allegations.