Smugglers Disguise Weed as Carrots

 Clever Smuglers Use Fake Carrots to Transport Weed

Texas border agents got quite a surprise this week when they found over a ton of marijuana disguised as rather large carrots.

A big rig was hauling produce across the Pharr-Reynosa International Bridge along the Texas/Mexico border near the Gulf of Mexico when the truck caught the attention of U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents. The imaging inspection system saw some anomalies and flagged the shipment for secondary inspection.

After the more in-depth secondary inspection, agents discovered marijuana hidden inside carrot-shaped packages that were packed along with legitimate carrots.

In total almost 3,000 phony carrots were seized. It was enough to fill two pickup trucks and was given an estimated street value of $500,000.

“Once again, drug smuggling organizations have demonstrated their creativity in attempting to smuggle large quantities of narcotics across the U.S./Mexico border,” said Port Director Efrain Solis Jr. in a statement. “Our officers are always ready to meet those challenges and remain vigilant towards any type of illicit activities.”

This was not the first time carrots were used in drug smuggling attempts. On Thanksgiving weekend, agents at the same checkpoint discovered almost $2 million worth of marijuana, cocaine, and meth found in packages hidden amongst fresh cucumbers and carrots.