SoCal Dispensary Sues Police over Botched Raid

SoCal Dispensary Sues Police over Botched Raid

Sky High Holistic, a Santa Ana marijuana dispensary has filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit after a botched raid where officers were caught on video eating cannabis-infused edibles.

The southern California dispensary’s attorney, Matthew Pappas has produced a new video of the event with different camera angles and improved audio, which clearly shows the Santa Ana police officers helping themselves to marijuana-infused edibles during the raid of Sky High Holistic in May. The surveillance video has also prompted a federal lawsuit against the city.

The new video has forced the Santa Ana Police Department to place three officers on administrative leave. The Orange County District Attorney is also investigating to see if any criminal charges may be filed against the officers.

Santa Ana Police Chief Carlos Rojas admits that some of the actions shown in the video were inappropriate, but continues to stand by his officers when it comes to the cannabis-infused edible allegations.

“We do have information that leads us to believe that they are not consuming edibles,” said Rojas, who would not elaborate, citing a personal matter.

Others in law enforcement are not so understanding. “Look at what’s happened to law enforcement. You don’t have peace officers in our communities anymore, you have warriors, drug warriors,” said Steven Downing, a retired Los Angeles Police Department deputy chief.

The police department says its internal investigation should be completed in one to two weeks.