Texas Drafts Medical Marijuana Bill

Texas Drafts Medical Marijuana Bill

This is not a joke, people. Texas has drafted a bill that would allow the use of medical marijuana for those suffering from various ailments. That's right, patients suffering from ailments such as PTSD, Alzheimer’s, and cancer might soon be allowed to use medical marijuana in the great state of Texas.

I, along with the entire Smoking Bud staff, pretty much have a consensus opinion about when Texas would allow the use of marijuana—medical, recreational, or otherwise—within its boarders. Though far from being a done deal, just the fact that the Lone Star State would even draft such a bill means there is a cold front heading for hell right now.

The drafted bill is very similar to those already in place in 22 other states, which make the use of medical marijuana legal while recreational use is still prohibited. Members of the Texas chapter of the Marijuana Policy Project believe that the bill is getting a favorable reaction from citizens. Project members believe that this change of heart is mostly due to the entire country's lean towards cannabis legalization. Proponents of marijuana legalization (especially in Texas) hope to ride this wave of public opinion all the way to the polling stations come next election.

All this positive cannabis talk is well and good I suppose, but do not get it twisted: this is still going to be a very uphill battle. My money is till on Texas being one of, if not the last state to embrace cannabis and its proven healing qualities in any fashion. The fact that the federal government cannot even decide on how to schedule the herb makes me believe the latter.

“I hate to be negative,” Ann Hardee, a Texas-based nurse and pro-MMJ supporter, told Fox San Antonio, “but I don’t think it’s going to happen. Not with Texas politics and not with what happened with the midterms.”

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