TSA Ok's Flying With Weed

TSA Ok's Flying With Weed

The skies over Oregon just got a whole lot friendlier.

July has been a good month for Oregonians for sure. On July 1strecreational marijuana use became legal in the state. And now there is news from the Oregon TSA that you can now travel with up to an ounce of cannabis. With the caveat that it must be an in-state flight.

Oregon airport officials said the TSA is no longer going to use it’s resources looking for marijuana, and has refocused efforts on keeping up with the high demand of safety and security issues. If a passenger does have marijuana, TSA will ensure that the amount is within the legal limit, the passenger is of legal age to carry the drug, and the boarding pass indicates in-state travel. If everything checks out, the passenger and the pot are free to fly the friendly skies.

"Traveling across state lines is still a federal crime," said Steve Johnson, with the Port of Portland. "However, if someone is flying within the state to another destination in the state, traveling with recreational marijuana is allowable if they meet all the legal requirements."

Those requirements mirror state law in Oregon: You must be 21 years old or older, and cannot possess more than an ounce of marijuana in public.

Oregon's law, which went into effect July 1, says transporting marijuana across state lines is prohibited because marijuana has not been legalized nationally. That includes transporting it to neighboring Washington, where recreational use is legal.

If your ticket has a destination that is outside of Oregon and you are traveling with marijuana, you will be given the option to either leave the security area and store the marijuana in a safe place (car), give it to someone not traveling who is over the age of 21, or surrender it to law enforcement, who will destroy it.