UPS Worker Steals 160K Diamond, Trades It for $20 Sack of Weed

UPS Worker Steals 160k Diamond, Trades it for $20 sack of weed

In a number of successive bad decisions that I'm sure lead to one of the worst days of Walter Earl Morrison's short, 20-year life. Morrison, a UPS employee, was unloading cargo off of a plane at Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix, AZ, when he spotted a package that he somehow thought was stuffed with currency. Morrison then hid the package under his UPS uniform and stashed the goods until he could grab them after his shift. Once he finally got the package open, Morrison did not find any cash; however, unbeknownst to him at the time, what he had found was much more valuable than some loose cash.

What the inept burglar and employee in fact had in his possession was a nice-sized diamond worth about $160,000 in today’s market. A nice little score, right? Maybe Morrison was going to pawn it for thousands of dollars, or possibly he had a black market buyer in the wings? Nope, Morrison took the large diamond and traded it for a $20 bag of marijuana. Most likely some "Reggie" since AZ is not exactly known for producing that fire.

In the end, the head-scratching caper was solved quickly with little police work needed, and the diamond was returned to its rightful owner. Mr. Morrison has since been summarily let go by UPS. Morrison did not come out of this experience empty handed—he did catch a case or two, learned a lesson (hopefully), and got two crappy joints, right?