Doug Benson Gets Stoned With Celebrities in New Video Podcast

Doug Benson Gets Stoned With Comedians and Celebrities For New Video Podcast

If you've ever seen Super High Me, the Marijuana-logues, or The Greatest Movie Ever Rolled, then it will come as no surprise that comedian Doug Benson loves weed. What will be a surprise, however, will be all the cool people he's going to smoke out in his new video podcast Getting Doug With High.

The latest series for Adam Carolla's Video Podcast Network will feature Benson interviewing celebrities while getting them really high, effectively making him one of the coolest talk show hosts ever. So far, Doug has smoked weed with comedian Jenny Slate from Drunk History and Parks and Recreation, and roastmaster general Jeff Ross.

Getting Doug With High airs every Wednesday at 4:15 pm PST on Benson's YouTube channel, giving viewers a good five minutes to pack a fresh bowl for 4:20.