"Cannabis Parties" Are the New Tupperware Party for Women in California

"Cannabis Parties" Are the New Tupperware Party for Women in California

We’re all familiar with sex toy parties adventurous women put on. They invite all their open-minded friends, drink fancy cocktails, smoke some weed, and talk about all kinds of things men would never imagine would come out of their mouths — all with the faint buzz of a vibrator in the background.

We’re also all familiar with Tupperware parties, where women gather and pretty much talk about the same things, this time with tasty desserts being passed around instead.

Well, move over sexy toys and food storage options — there’s a new women’s party in town. In California, a woman named Amanda Conley hosted “a Tupperware party for cannabis.” That’s right, 17 women got together and gossiped over weed-infused, gluten-free, vegan blueberry almond granola and hemp lotion.

Who were these women getting together over weed? Lawyers, chefs, nurses, and tech execs were amongst the attendees. These women smoked vaporizers, ate edibles and gushed over a new strain of weed called Sexxpot that would probably do very well at the aforementioned sex toy parties.

Californians are gearing up to vote on legal weed, and these women are not only excited to be a part of a very lucrative industry, but also to break through the “green ceiling” of cannabis culture. And they’re not the only ones. “Cannabis Parties” like this are popping up all over the West Coast.