Colorado’s Denial of Cannabis Cup Means More Fun for California

Colorado’s Denial of Cannabis Cup Means More Fun for California

(High Times)

For the past few years, when you think of weed, you think of Colorado. It’s the state leading the recreational legalization charge and reaping its rewards. And yet, the most infamous competition and convention in cannabis isn’t welcome in its own industry's Wild West.

The High Times Cannabis Cup was scheduled to be held this month at the Denver Mart, however its permit was denied by the Colorado county “after concerns raised by law enforcement over the abundance of attendees in the industrial neighborhood and the amount of public marijuana consumption expected to take place around the venue,” according to Westword.

High Times then tried to move the Cup to Pueblo, Colorado, but was forced to pull its application after missing a deadline and messing up some paperwork.

And so we find ourselves back in San Bernardino, CA. For a state without recreational marijuana, California sure loves its weed. The Sunshine State made up for almost half of the nation’s marijuana revenue in 2015—and that’s only counting medical. Imagine if California legalizes in 2016, as it’s projected to do; the market would be unstoppable.

So quit being a square, Colorado, that ship has already sailed.

For all you lucky Californians, get your tickets to this weekend’s High Times Cannabis Cup in San Bernardino here! And please, light one up for all us poor Coloradans busy smoking in the privacy of our own homes and watching the livestream on YouTube.