Cooking with Weed: Danksgiving

Cooking with Weed: Danksgiving

Oh, Thanksgiving. What a wonderful time of the year, getting together with family and friends for a marathon of merriment — a day of intense preparation and intense gluttony here in the United States, where we get high enough off of tryptophan that we forget the initial cause of the holiday. Thanksgiving is my number-one holiday. In fact that has always been true, and it’s only gotten better with age. Now, we have Friendsgivings too, creating a possible weeklong celebration of turkey stuffing, and another contender: Danksgiving. 

Danksgiving, for the uninitiated, is much like your traditional Turkey Day with the addition of marijuana-infused dishes. Now, you can play this one of a few ways. Some folks would like to enjoy the holiday with a bit of green added on the sly. That is easy. 

No matter how you want to go about incorporating marijuana into your meals, CannaEats has you covered. If you are trying to be surreptitious, head on over to the Extraction section and you can find a host of recipes from The Definitively Easy Cannabutter to an Infused Olive Oil. These can be added to your standard recipes, substituting what is store bought for your new extraction. 

Note: if you are going to introduce a bit of weed to a second bowl of gravy, make sure to clearly differentiate it from the "normal" stuff, okay? Nobody wants to hear a story about somebody's grandmother or toddler getting a little too much enjoyment out of your contribution.

What about the main prize? Well, I would vote that is the pumpkin pie (we also have you covered there), but the holiday does, after all, center on the turkey. Here is a great recipe, incorporating a hypodermic needle for direct weed injection and a handy video explainer. Though I would forgo the maple syrup and add some rosemary and thyme to the mix instead.

Cheers folks! Have a happy and safe holiday, and make time to think about what you are grateful for in anticipation of the mad season of consumption that follows.