First Ever Marijuana Exhibit To Be Featured In California Museum

First Ever Marijuana Exhibit To Be Featured In California Museum

It’s no secret that marijuana has become mainstream.  Presidential candidates discuss it, doctors recommend it, and even CNN dedicates primetime on-air space to it.  And, thanks to the Oakland Museum of California, people can now be publicly educated about it.

The Oakland Museum of California will be hosting an exhibit from April 16-September 25 2016 called “Altered State:  Marijuana in California”, which makes them the first U.S. museum to feature cannabis.

Sarah Seiter, Associate Curator of Natural Sciences at the museum, said, “We hope this exhibit encourages people to think critically about marijuana, the research available on it, and how it is presented in the media. Our goal is that this exhibition will help people have informed conversations with their families and friends about what type of marijuana policy is right for California.”

The exhibit is “designed as a catalyst for conversation and reflection around the marijuana plant, its uses, evolving public attitudes, and the complex policy and social issues surrounding it.”

The museum recognizes that California is on the verge of making some very important decisions regarding the plant in their state, and the goal of the exhibit is to give the community a space to be informed about, as well as discuss, the ever changing laws.