Grinder Shaped Like Grenade Delays Flights at Washington Airport

Grinder Shaped Like Grenade Delays Flights at Washington Airport

The Bellingham Herald reports that the Bellingham International Airport was delayed earlier this week due an interesting find.  

What TSA agents found in normal luggage on Saturday morning looked like a hand grenade. When the local bomb squad was brought in to investigate, the police department concluded it was a marijuana grinder shaped like the explosive device, said TSA Spokesperson Lorie Dankers. (Haha, Dank-ers.)

TSA officers identified the man who owned the luggage, who claimed all he was carrying was clothes. Officers searched the luggage to find a camouflage object that looked like a grenade. Talk about getting shelled.  

Following standard procedure, security evacuated the screening and boarding areas, said airport spokeswoman Marie Duckworth.

Four departing flights were delayed, Duckworth said, but incoming flights continued to land. In situations like these, Dankers said, TSA officers can’t simply rely on a passenger’s word about what an object is. Ultimately, the possessor of the bud bomb was released and allowed to board his flight.

It’s usually smart to disguise your paraphernalia. There are even brands of containers, pipes, and yes even grinders shaped like everyday household items meant purely for concealment. Yet, despite all of this, our friend here goes the extreme opposite route and owns a grinder that yells out loud, “Hey, search the shit out of me!” We assume the grinder was emptied right before the flight, if you know what we mean.