Help Bill Maher Make 4/20 an Official National Holiday

Help Bill Maher Make 4/20 an Official National Holiday

Bill Maher has a new political goal: turn 4/20 into an official national holiday.

To argue his point, he read his viewers “’Twas the Night Before 4/20” — a lovely bedtime story with a great message, which is… Uh… Weed is fun?

Maher turned to to create a petition that would officially make 4/20 a national holiday:


Hi, America. It’s me, Bill Maher, from Real Time with Bill Maher — here for my very first time on Well, the first time since I signed the petition to bring back “The Gilmore Girls”. Now that marijuana is legal in one form or another in 24 states and counting, I’m here to urge you to sign my petition to make 4/20 a national holiday. We celebrate everything from Arbor Day to Groundhog Day to a National Day of Prayer. It’s high time we had a weed day. Because if we can set days aside to pay tribute to trees, a rodent, or a space ghost, we can certainly designate one day to officially recognize a true American institution.

Sign my petition and make 4/20 a national holiday.


Mr. Maher, you have my attention.

Watch the video below and sign the petition! It’d save us all the trouble of calling in sick to work every April 20th.