Jimmy Kimmel Wants to Hand Out Marijuana at Next Year’s Oscars

Jimmy Kimmel Wants to Hand Out Marijuana at Next Year’s Oscars

(Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel was recently announced as the next host of the Academy Awards when they air on ABC in February. While discussing it on his show, Kimmel brought up an idea that would be sure to garner the world’s attention to the event.

“Marijuana will be legal for recreational use in February,” he said.

He then turned to security guard Guillermo Rodriguez, adding, “Maybe you can pass some of that around on the red carpet before the show and then we just see what happens.”

Kimmel went on to say that his goal was to “somehow get arrested” during the course of the show. If that’s the case, he’ll need to do more than hand out weed in Los Angeles.

All joking aside, marijuana at the Oscars – or at least before them – may be a real thing in the future. Recreational possession will be legal in California, as will sales. There may be cannabis vendors set up right outside the venue at some point. There could be edibles served at the event while people are accepting awards; the sky is the limit!

In the future, marijuana use will be fully in the mainstream, much like alcohol use is today. It won’t get much of a mention, except in passing; it won’t be considered a “big deal.” But if on February 26th Jimmy Kimmel has his security guard pass out marijuana joints or vapes or edibles on the red carpet, that would be a very big deal indeed and it would be something that made the next Academy Awards the most talked about in history.

If you’re looking for extra publicity in this day and age, marijuana is the way to go.