Mars One Crew Finalist Wants to Grow Pot for the Long Trip

Mars One Crew Wants to Grow Pot for the Long Trip

It all started out as an innocent question in the form of a tweet. Someone asked a Mars One finalist, how can these volunteers taking a one-way trip to Mars go the rest of their lives without the chance to ever enjoy marijuana again? 

Well, a budding British astronaut has quickly fired back indicating that the astronauts on this one-way trip to Mars have already put a lot of thought into growing marijuana aboard their spacecraft.

Ryan Macdonald, a physics student at Oxford University, is one of five British finalists in the running for the Mars One mission, which will send a team to create a settlement on the Red Planet. MacDonald suggested in his quick response tweet that it may be possible to use the spacecraft's soil-free hydroponic system to grow various cannabis strains on Mars.

In case you missed it, this is a one-way mission. The Mars One crew will not ever be coming home, so any spacecraft will have to be well equipped with the means to grow its own food — or perhaps even cannabis. If the Mars colonists decide to grow a little ganja, they can do so without fear of reprisal, as Mars should be out of the reach of our federal jurisdiction.