Medical Marijuana Advocate Eugene Monroe Retires from the NFL

Medical Marijuana Advocate Eugene Monroe Retires from the NFL

NFL offensive tackle Eugene Monroe has become an outspoken advocate for medical marijuana, especially when it comes to players in the league who have to choose dangerous prescription drugs to treat their pain instead of using safe, natural cannabis. Now Eugene doesn’t have to worry about the restrictions of the NFL anymore because he has announced his retirement from professional football.

Monroe had been recently released by the Baltimore Ravens and was talking with several other teams about signing with one of them as a free agent. But in the end he decided that the toll the game has taken on his body was just too much and he wasn’t willing to risk it even more playing in a league that didn’t care about his pain or how they were making it worse with prescription pills and shots.

“It is a very demanding sport on your body, and it’s taken a toll on me time and time again,” Monroe said.

“They have accumulated to the point that I deal with enormous pain on a daily basis,” he continued, talking about his various injuries. “Just getting out of bed, especially during the season, can be difficult.”

Monroe missed time last year due to a severe concussion. Seeing what multiple concussions had done to his friends in the league, Monroe decided to call it quits.

He still plans on being an advocate for players getting to use medical cannabis to alleviate their ailments, joining a growing number of former players who say the NFL’s policy banning medical marijuana is outdated and destructive.

The NFL’s policy shows the stigma that will linger with cannabis, long after people are used to it being legal. It is that stigma that must be fought if cannabis is ever to become a part of mainstream society.