New Study Finds Illegal Drug Use on the Rise Among College Students

New Study Finds Illegal Drug Use on the Rise among College Students

A new study from the University of Michigan shows that illegal drug use is on the rise among college students, including new historic highs when it comes to marijuana use.

The study found that nearly 6% of college students used cannabis regularly as of 2014, up from about 3.5% in the same poll from 2007. For the first time in the 35 years of the study, marijuana was actually more popular among college students than cigarettes.

The reasons for this are pretty obvious as more students learn the truth about cannabis and realize that it is one of the safest things they can put into their bodies. But marijuana use is not the only thing that is on the rise, as the study shows that use of ecstasy and cocaine have increased in recent years as well. I’m not sure how this is possible since those drugs are strictly prohibited, but the numbers don’t lie.

While the use of e-cigs is on the rise, the smoking of actual cigarettes has fallen to about 5% of college students nationwide. Alcohol remains popular, but even drinking is on the decline with 63% of students saying they have had a drink in the last month, down from 80% in 1980. To be fair though, there was a lot less stuff on TV in 1980.

The percentage of college students reporting episodes of binge drinking has also declined, but only from 44% to 35% since 1980. That’s thirty five percent of US college studies still drinking so much that it even needs its own word, “binge.” Our best and our brightest killing brain cells by the trillions while only 6% consume cannabis regularly.

Amazing to see what 80+ years of propaganda can do.