Packages of Weed Are Washing Up on Beaches in the South

Packages of Weed Are Washing Up on Different Beaches in the South

Cotton Bayou Beach, Alabama.

Keep your eyes on the horizon if you live in the South! Packages of weed are washing ashore.

Ron Smith of Orange Beach, Alabama, was enjoying a morning stroll down Cotton Bayou Beach when he noticed a seat cushion floating in the ocean. Upon further inspection, Smith realized the cushion was in fact a large package of marijuana wrapped in cellophane and masking tape. Smith alerted authorities and turned over the package, which weighed 10 pounds and was valued by Alabama police at about $8,000.

A few days later on May 10, another “cushion” washed ashore on a beach in North Carolina, this one containing over 12 pounds of ‘sea weed.’ (HA!)

I don’t know about you, but two make a pattern to me, so keep your eyes peeled if you frequent the beaches of the American South! You might find a message in a bottle — or a few thousand worth of weed we can only assume is missing from the cartels. Come to think of it, this is starting to sound a little No Country for Old Men