Poll Shows Marijuana is Only Illicit Drug Americans Want to Legalize

New Poll Shows Marijuana is Only Illicit Drug Americans Want to Legalize

A new poll shows that even though most registered U.S. voters support the legalization of cannabis, they don’t feel the same about any other illegal drugs.

While 59% of respondents favored decriminalizing marijuana, 52% supported its legalization for recreational use. When the questions moved to the medical use of illicit drugs, cannabis received 68% support.

The other drugs in the poll — mushrooms, LSD, MDMA, cocaine, heroin, meth and ibogaine — did not fair nearly as well. When it comes to decriminalization, mushrooms garnered the most support with 22%. Mushrooms also outperformed the other illegal drugs when it came to support for recreational legalization (14%) and medical legalization (18%).

Of course many things account for these numbers, but the biggest factor is the lessening stigma surrounding cannabis. If this poll had been taken 30 years ago, marijuana would have been down there with all the others in terms of public support.

But thanks to tens of thousands of activists and especially to the Internet, the truth about why cannabis is much safer than all those other drugs has spread throughout society. The lies that have built prohibition are crumbling under the weight of accurate information about an amazing plant.

Having said that, it must be pointed out that prohibition of these other drugs has not reduced their supply. In fact, the country of Portugal decriminalized all drugs about 15 years ago and has seen great results. This is because the logic behind prohibition doesn’t work on any product or substance. The shift from criminalization to drugs being treated as a public health matter must be made.

The good news is that things are moving that way. Countries all around the world are seeing the folly that is drug prohibition. A different, better way is possible, if only we have the guts to take that path.