Science Suggests Couples Who Smoke Weed Together Stay Together

Science Suggests Couples Who Smoke Weed Together Stay Together

(THC Finder)

Because of the marijuana legalization campaign, a lot of research is being done on the plant. Those of you who are feeling particularly amorous will be happy to know that recent studies and surveys seem to prove that couples where both use marijuana regularly have happier and healthier relationships.

First, some smokers report that being high can help make them feel more at ease with their partner, as well as more in tune with their partner’s perspective. Dr. Julie Holland said, “I’ve definitely had patients tell me that when they smoke they feel more open emotionally.” This could very well be because our cannabinoid receptors respond to the THC and interact with our emotional processing.

Not to mention, marijuana alleviates anxiety and tension. Whether it be from work, mounting debt, family or friends, oftentimes it’s the outside anxieties that cause a rift in relationships. According to Mic, “The CBD in marijuana can be useful in the treatment of anxiety. That can be crucial for partners in a relationship, as stress and anxiety can lead to conflict and even reduce sex drive.” We all know what happens to a relationship once conflict arises and the mutual sex drive dries up.

Stoned Girls has discussed weed in the bedroom quite extensively, but it is worth mentioning here. According to Fusion, “Participants in a series of studies reported enhanced touch, heightened intimacy, stronger orgasms, and better sex in general.”

According to an Open University study in 2013, a shared interest is a “key connector in the couple’s relationship.” This means that smoking weed is giving the both of you something to bond over — a common ground that can translate into all of your relationship activities, which will lead to an overall healthier and happier relationship.