SF Examiner to Publish a Monthly Marijuana Magazine

SF Examiner to Publish a Monthly Marijuana Magazine

With print revenues sagging, media brands are turning on to seemingly greener pastures.

The parent company behind the San Francisco Examiner will launch a monthly magazine dedicated to the region’s weed scene Jan. 26 dubbed SF EvergreenSmell the Truth has learned.

SF Evergreen is a product of the San Francisco Media Company, which is the name for the group of investors that bought up the daily print tabloidSan Francisco Examiner, and alt-weekly print SF Weekly and SF Bay Guardian.

SF Media Co. recently closed the SF Bay Guardian due to sagging revenues, but has been soliciting advertisers for its new monthly pot mag.

CBS News San Francisco writes on Friday that SF Evergreen hopes to be an “an upper class, sort-of GQ or Vanity Fair for the marijuana scene in the Bay Area,” according to editor Chris Roberts.

More and more media companies are circling the cannabis news space as federal prohibition on cannabis commerce wanes.

The Denver Post made a major splash in 2014 with the rollout of its special section The Cannabist, edited by Ricardo BacaThe Cannabist continues to add staff this year. Washington’s daily and weekly papers made smaller waves with pot specialty blogs in 2014. Smell the Truth has been an independent blog on SFGate.com since 2012.

Cannabis brands have long-been shut out of traditional advertising outlets like radio, TV, billboards and large circulation print dailies. But those doors are beginning to open. In 2014, The New York Times ran its first full-page pot ad from the information site Leafly.

Oakland dispensary Magnolia Wellness has managed to get ads on Bay Area billboards and radio, operator David Spradlin said.

The legal medical and recreational cannabis industry generated an estimated $2.3 billion in revenue in 2014 and may grow to $10 billion by 2018, according to the San Francisco-based investment business ArcView Group.

Twenty-three states have medical cannabis laws and four states as well as Washington DC have legalized pot for adults 21 and over.

In a historic December vote, Congress blocked the use of federal funds to interfere with state-level medical cannabis regulations.

About seventy-eight percent of Americans support medical cannabis and 50 percent support ending prohibition and replacing it with taxation and regulation.

San Francisco Examiner was built into a national brand by William Randolph Hearst, who is notorious in the cannabis community for demonizing and distorting cannabis in the news as ‘marijuana’, playing an instrumental role in its prohibition.

“The fatal marihuana cigarette must be recognized as a DEADLY DRUG, and American children must be PROTECTED AGAINST IT,” the Hearst newspapers once editorialized.

Welcome, SF Evergreen!

Story by David Downs at Smell The Truth. Check out Smell the Truth for all the latest cannabis news and features.