USA Today Mistakenly Identifies Wyoming as Marijuana Smuggling Hub

USA Today Mistakenly Identifies Wyoming as Marijuana Smuggling Hub

We all make mistakes — but that doesn’t mean we can't enjoy it when a major news outlet with a geographically challenged mapmaker creates a graphic suggesting that conservative Wyoming with its anti-weed Governor is the source of most marijuana smuggling across the nation.

On Tuesday USA Today published an article about how much marijuana is being smuggled out of Colorado to be sold across the country. Accompanying the piece was a map identifying not Colorado but Wyoming as the actual source of the nation’s weed smuggling “problem”. The mapmaker’s mistake was quickly remedied (along with his or her misspelling of "marjijuana"), but not before social media grabbed onto the error.

What makes this mix-up all the more entertaining is Wyoming Governor Matt Mead’s outspoken stance against Colorado’s marijuana laws. While Wyoming did not join Oklahoma and Nebraska in their federal lawsuit of the Rocky Mountain State, Gov. Mead did say that his state would not be above suing the federal government in the future for allowing Colorado to enact its own marijuana laws.

I’d like to imagine that Gov. Mead and the good anti-weed activists of Wyoming had a bit of a shock Tuesday morning when they saw it was actually their state that sourced these evil marijuana smugglers. (And as for that *quote-un-quote* issue, at least it ain’t coming from the cartels.)