What Were the People Who Came Up with “Stoner Sloth” Smoking?

What Were The People Who Came Up with “Stoner Sloth” Smoking?

They clearly weren’t smoking marijuana, as evidenced by the lack of creativity and sheer stupidity of the series of ads seen below.

The brainchild of Australia’s New South Wales Department of Premier and Cabinet, the “Stoner Sloth” campaign is supposed to be an “educational” advertisement steering impressionable youths away from the horrific dangers of cannabis. In reality it has just become a viral punchline that highlights continuing pockets of reefer madness.

The upshot of the ads is that consuming marijuana turns you into a lazy person who continually lets down your friends and family — like a sloth, which is basically a low-functioning animal incapable of moving in any kind of timely manner.

The problem with anti-marijuana ads of course is that they are trying to convey a truth that isn’t really a truth. Marijuana doesn’t make you lazy. While it’s true that certain strains, especially indicas, can make you tired, so can any number of things… Like getting less than the optimal amount of sleep, or an episode of “Ellen.”

Should kids be smoking weed? Of course not. Cannabis is for adults (unless a child needs it medicinally) and young teens simply don’t have the brainpower to handle the effects. But lying to them is not going to help. Lies can be easily refuted by a simple Google search; this is, after all, the age of the Internet.

And once kids know you are lying to them, they are less likely to believe you when you warn them of the dangers of deadly drugs. If you’ll lie about weed, maybe you’re lying about crack or heroin or alcohol, too.

Creating a supposed “educational” ad that is being made fun of across the world is probably not what the “Stoner Sloth” people were looking for. Thanks for the laughs, though.