You Can Bet on Cannabis Legalization—Literally

You Can Now Bet on Cannabis Legalization—Literally

Through the thousands and thousands of years of human evolution, some things have remained in our DNA from the early days of cave men tossing rocks against a cave wall in an early form of dice. Gambling, odds, odd makers, and predicting the future all entice us with the questions, "What if I knew the future?” and “How could I make money from that knowledge?". The answer could be as easy as knowing the final score of a game before it takes place and then placing a wager on that said game. There is gambling and wagering on all aspects of life, from sports matches to cards and games in casinos, all the way to friendly wagers between people on the golf course or dart tournament.

Cannabis—aka marijuana, Mary Jane, herb, sticky icky, dank, bud, and grass—is no different. Did you know you can now bet on cannabis and legalization? Yep, there are odds and everything on which state is next to legalize and which state is a long shot. 

In an interesting article on OnlineGambling.LV, here are the current odds at legalization in your area.

Cannabis Legalization Odds

Odds Nevada legalizes cannabis for recreational use in November (by voting “yes” on Marijuana Legalization Initiative, Question 2): 1/3 (75%)

Odds on the next state to legalize recreational cannabis use:

Nevada: 9/4 (30%)

Maine: 5/2 (28%)

California: 9/2 (18%)

Massachusetts: 7/1 (13%)

Arizona: 20/1 (5%)

Michigan: 24/1 (4%)

Montana: 49/1 (2%)

North Dakota: 500/1 (<1%)

Florida: 500/1 (<1%)

Nevada and Maine are already locked into a November vote, and polls in both states favor legalization. The polls are a little more convincing in Nevada. Florida polls are also encouraging, but the state is only slated to vote on medical use. The rest of the bunch are still collecting signatures in hopes of putting the question to the people come November 8.

Odds that recreational cannabis will be legalized in ____ in the next two years:

Canada: 2/13 (87%)

Italy: 7/1 (13%)

Germany: 9/1 (10%)

Australia: 10/1 (9%)

New Zealand: 20/1 (5%)

Spain: 30/1 (3%)

United Kingdom: 35/1 (3%)

France: 35/1 (3%)

Odds on the next celebrity to launch his/her own cannabis product line (following in the footsteps of Snoop Dogg):

Oprah Winfrey: 12/1 (8%)

Justin Bieber: 12/1 (8%)

Jay Z: 13/1 (7%)

Hugh Hefner: 13/1 (7%)

Morgan Freeman: 13/1 (7%)

Paris Hilton: 15/1 (6%)

Miley Cyrus: 18/1 (5%)

Lady Gaga: 20/1 (5%)

Bill Maher: 25/1 (4%)

Stephen Colbert: 25/1 (4%)

Barack Obama: 1000/1 (<1%)