Alabama Senator Claims "Good People Don't Smoke Marijuana"

Alabama Senator Claims "Good People Don't Smoke Marijuana"

(The Libertarian Republic)

In recent news, Senator Jefferson "Jeff" Sessions (R-AL) (by the way, Jefferson Sessions sounds like a ’60s jazz trio, right?) made headlines at a Tuesday Senate caucus on International Narcotics Control with a quotable phrase about the usage of marijuana. He blasted that years of work “trying to send that message with clarity that good people don’t smoke marijuana” hasn’t resonated.  

This is not the first time the Alabama Senator has notably spoken out on the subject. He has famously quoted the pop princess Lady Gaga and her “addiction” to marijuana as a response to President Barack Obama stating that alcohol is more dangerous than marijuana. Jeff, if your best shot is a quote from a music celebrity, your basis for argument is as flimsy as Lady Gaga’s g-string, as featured in American Horror Story (where she is amazing, by the way).

It’s also not surprising that Alabama has the strictest cannabis laws in the entire country on every level of possession. The Senator also still firmly believes that marijuana is the dreaded “gateway drug” of old. (He probably still calls it “hippie lettuce” under his breath.)

To us, progress only happens when elected representatives hear the voice of the people who oppose their views. Time to start listening, Senator. Lord knows we can’t help but hear you.