Alaska Approves On-Site Consumption in Retail Marijuana Stores

Alaska Board Approves On-Site Consumption in Retail Marijuana Stores

Looking to make history as the first state to allow on-site cannabis consumption in marijuana retail shops, last month the Marijuana Control Board in Alaska approved a plan that would allow pot shops to create a designated area for cannabis use.

The measure still has some hurdles to clear, including the Lieutenant Governor, but this is a huge first step to enhancing the legalization plan in place in Alaska. The plan narrowly passed the board by a vote of 3 to 2.

Under the plan, laws against smoking inside of buildings would still be enforced, meaning most of the consumption would likely be either vaporizing or edibles.

The board also pointed out that they consider marijuana social clubs to still be illegal; however, one opened up in Fairbanks last week, only a few days after the board voted. The owners of The Higher Calling Club say they are operating within the law. Cannabis cannot be sold or bought in the building, but it can be shared and consumed by those who pay to become members of the club.

The board had planned on considering a proposal to ban the social clubs, but they decided against it; the matter will probably be revisited now, although the last time the board tried it, a lot of negative feedback from the community caused them to back off. Maybe this time they will just accept the inevitable.

In any case, Alaska is attempting to expand its legalization law — something that will become a blueprint for all future endeavors when it comes to reducing cannabis prohibition. Once legalization is in place, it is much easier to reclaim more ground for freedom.

Each state will take its own path, but the ultimate goal in each is the full legalization of the cannabis plant.