Can Bernie Sanders End Marijuana Prohibition?

Can Bernie Sanders End Marijuana Prohibition?

Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has made it clear he would like to end the federal prohibition of cannabis. The big question is, will he ever be in a position to do something about it?

Right now he is a U.S. Senator, which gives him more power in this arena than most. He has the power to sponsor and advocate for a bill that would end cannabis prohibition on a federal level, which he has done.

But nothing compares to what a U.S. President can do. True, presidents don’t introduce legislation; there are 100 senators and 435 representatives that can do that on a federal level. But no one can command the attention that the President of the United States can.

The term “Bully Pulpit” was made famous more than 100 years ago by President Theodore Roosevelt. It refers to the power of the White House to reach the masses of the country and attempt to sway them on a particular issue.

So the question is, will Bernie Sanders get a chance to speak from the “Bully Pulpit"?

Of course no one can predict the future, but we can logically point out some big road blocks in his way. Besides seeming like an absent-minded college professor who’s a little hazy on the subject of economics, Sanders has one major problem: Hillary Clinton.

It’s Hillary’s turn. Many in the Democratic Party feel Hillary was passed over in 2008 and screwed out of a chance to claim what was rightfully hers. Of course that sounds a lot like royal succession, but they feel the way they feel. They aren’t going to stand for another previously unknown senator stealing her house.

As a consequence of Bernie’s shortcomings and disadvantages, he is about 24 percentage points behind Hillary nationally. She has the Democratic/Clinton machine behind her, funded by the big banks.

Does Bernie stand a chance?