Can You Believe We Are Still Talking About Marijuana?

Can You Believe We Are Still Talking About Marijuana?

Those of us who follow cannabis news, for whatever reason, see it every day. We are in it every day, immersed in what is going on around the United States and the world when it comes to marijuana. But when you take a step back and really look at what it is we do on a daily basis, it is quite absurd.

I write about marijuana prohibition all the time. I write about how surprising it is that this person used marijuana, or that person came out in favor of legalization, or this TV show/movie had someone smoking a joint in it. You don’t see those stories about alcohol.

There really shouldn’t be a need for someone like me. I give voice to people who want to see the wall of cannabis prohibition torn down, those who want to see cannabis normalized in the mainstream. But if you think about it, we really shouldn’t even be talking about it.

Take the latest GOP Presidential Debate, for example. Jeb Bush saying he smoked weed 40 years ago was mentioned in hundreds of stories about the debate. Anytime a candidate admits they once smoked some weed, it’s a big deal. There are no questions about alcohol; some of the candidates might have even had some wine before the debate itself, with dinner. Alcohol is normalized in our society. 

Cannabis, however, is not, thanks to decades of lies — lies that were needed to uphold the hollow foundation of prohibition. So here I am, typing away, chipping away at that foundation. There shouldn’t be a need for what I do. I could be writing stories about the nationwide cannabis industry, new technologies, yet another medical advancement with the cannabis plant, etc.

But hey, guess what? Jeb Bush smoked weed…in 1975! Can you believe that?!