Canada to Take Its Own Path to Marijuana Legalization

Canada to Take Their Own Path to Marijuana Legalization

Last month Canada’s new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau set in motion the process that will lead to cannabis legalization in the country. Now his Health Minister is outlining some of the goals of the process.

Health Minister Jane Philpott said that officials in Canada plan on carving their own path to legalization. They see what is happening in the United States in places like Colorado and Washington and have no plans to copy their industries.

She said the next step is to create a task force of scientists, safety officials and other legal authorities that will brainstorm the framework of what legalization will look like. Hopefully those in the cannabis industry and consumers will be part of the process as well.

I’m sure the tendency for many in the Canadian government will be to over-regulate the industry. That instinct has to be fought. Too much regulation can cripple an industry even before it gets going. Growth has to be allowed so the industry can find its footing and bring the black market consumers to the legal market.

There is much to work out when it comes to legalization in Canada, but some signs point to it being an easy victory for the new Prime Minister and his party. After all, will the defeated conservatives really put up much of a fight over legalization, something a majority of the country approves of? Wouldn’t that political capital be better spent elsewhere?

As an added bonus for those in the US, cannabis legalization in Canada would be a victory for those who fight for legalization here, perhaps making it easier for some in our federal government to decide it’s not worth the fight to continue prohibition.

Legalization is inevitable, worldwide.