Colorado Governor Finally Admits: Legalization Works

Colorado Governor Finally Admits: Legalization Works

Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper has stood publicly against marijuana legalization since the beginning, but a recent interview with Fox Business Network shows he’s changing his tune.


Hickenlooper was featured on the financial network to discuss “Colorado’s economic boom” and what ever could be the reason behind it?? While most marijuana-related headlines featuring the Democratic governor have been of the foot-in-mouth variety, Hickenlooper gave credit where credit was due, and finally spoke positively about the revolution that has fiscally and socially brought the Rocky Mountain State to new heights.

“If you look back, I has turned out to be not as vexing as some of the people like myself thought it was going to be,” Hickenlooper told the interviewer.

The governor went on to say his state’s strong fiscal health is partly tied to the economic opportunities and tourism created by the marijuana industry.

“It’s all those young people coming,” he said, “and they look at marijuana and say, ‘Hey, we can drink whiskey, why can’t we have a legalized system with marijuana?’”

Why indeed — especially since Hickenlooper earned the fortune he used to run for governor by co-founding a brewery.

This is a far cry of Hickenlooper’s previous quotes on the matter, including, “Colorado is known for many great things — marijuana should not be one of them,” and calling Colorado voters’ majority decision to legalize marijuana “reckless.”

It looks all those tax dollars, jobs, and tourism pouring into his state have finally gotten through to the governor. Now, who’s next?