Colorado Politician Makes Pro-Weed Rap Video with Wyclef Jean

Colorado Gubernatorial Candidate Mike Dunafon

Colorado Gubernatorial Candidate Mike Dunafon in his music video, "The Trap" ft. Wyclef Jean.

When Libertarian Mike Dunafon isn’t busy running for governor of Colorado, he likes to make emotive rap videos with Wyclef Jean.

His musical style is in the old-white-guy vein of William Shatner, and Jean lends his talents by taking a break from loving strippers to echo the last two words of Dunafon’s sentences. The pair rap-talks about issues of legal weed and gay marriage while accompanied by a smooth bass line and melancholic piano.

Dunafon also has a YouTube video called “The Most Interesting Politician Alive,” which takes a page from the Dos Equis playbook. One notable line is, “I don’t always get encouraged by people, but when I do, it’s when they stand for liberty.”

God I hope they were high making this. Enjoy!