Denver Residents Campaign for Marijuana Use in Bars

Denver Residents Campaign for Marijuana Use in Bars

Marijuana advocates, who had previously campaigned for recreational use in Denver, now have a new mission. Get the city to allow cannabis use at select bars and clubs.

“Limited social marijuana consumption” is the technical term, and it’s a campaign to get Denver voters behind the idea of allowing marijuana consumption to those 21 and over, in select bars and clubs. Cannabis advocates need only 5,000 signatures to get the issue on the upcoming November ballots.

This marijuana use does have a couple stipulations. Bring your own weed (BYOW), and comply with the current clean-air laws.  This just means that any marijuana must be smoked outside, shielded completely from public view(much like cigerattes). Marijuana can be consumed indoors, but only in edible form.

“Marijuana is now a legal product for adults in Denver, and it’s really time that we give adults a place to use it legally and socially,” said Mason Tvert, who ran Colorado’s 2012 campaign to legalize recreational pot. “We shouldn’t be requiring that you sit at home if you choose to use marijuana as an adult.”

Colorado law prohibits recreational marijuana consumption “openly and publicly or in a manner that endangers others”. It also makes it illegal to use the weed where you buy it. Basically, they make real easy to get, but give you nowhere to enjoy it. This can be especially frustrating for tourists, whom I know the industry is trying to court.

Denver would not be the first Colorado city to allow marijuana in bars. Pueblo and Nederland have city statutes allowing limited on-site consumption at over-21 clubs.